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Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets
Kitchen Cabinets

More than storage utilities for contemporary kitchens

Our modern kitchen cabinets are manufactured to the highest quality standards. All of our modern kitchen cabinets feature BLUM components throughout to provide consistency and excellent performance. If you want custom made kitchen cabinets, you may spend a great deal of time in determining the correct style and material to be used. You may be faced with so many choices that you just end up getting confused. In order to avoid this, you should take the time to make a well though-out plan of what you would really like. You should never go to the home renovation stores before you have a good idea of the type of contemporary kitchen you want.

Before you engage in anything that you may wish you had never started in the first place, you should understand yourself well. If you are the type who will find it daunting to dismantle things and put them back together again, you should consider hiring an expert to install your modern kitchen cabinet for you. If this is your preferred choice, you should factor in the cost of installing your new kitchen cabinet. You should be aware that the kitchen remodeling may be on the higher side. You will be solely responsible for determining the type of investment you are prepared to make in terms of finances, effort, and time.

The space available in your modern kitchen will greatly influence the design of your chosen modern kitchen cabinet. When speaking of space, you should also bear in mind other modern kitchen appliances and kitchen accessories that you have or will need in the kitchen, such as a cooker or fridge. You should as well consider the smaller appliances that are installed on shelves. Have a look at some kitchen design pictures to give you an idea.

When you are making a modern kitchen design, one of the most common methods is to install the kitchen cabinets along the longest walls in straight lines. Doing this affords an easier construction. However, that does not mean that it will result in the most attractive appearance. There are also U and L shaped designs, but ultimately, the available space will play a key role in determining the final shape. Take a look at modern kitchen cabinet photos. As you make your design, you must consider placing the stove as far away from the fridge as possible!

The space for your stove should be at least 30 inches even when the stove itself is smaller. This will come in handy when you will need to replace the stove, since the modern kitchen stoves are 30 inches wide.

As you plan your modern kitchen design, You should make a scaled drawing on a piece of paper. You will thus be able to determine the actual space that you have and see how you can fit things within that space in the best way possible. Try to figure out how you will manoeuvre your way around the available space, particularly when you intend to include a kitchen island. Modern kitchen design photos will help you here too.

When you want to set up a modern kitchen cabinet, the following are some of the important factors that you should bear in mind.

  • Your modern kitchen’s layout: If you would like to change the appearance of your kitchen cabinets without interfering with either size or layout, you can simply change the kitchen cabinet doors.
  • Material used: While your financial situation will also play a role, you should never the less take serious consideration of the material you would like your kitchen cabinet to be made of. You should remember that cheap is expensive in the long run. If you go for cheap materials, you will have to replace them within a relatively short period. The material used will also determine how easily you can clean your modern kitchen cabinet.
  • Doors/Drawers: There are different choices when it comes to kitchen cabinet doors or drawers, including plain, panel, or framed fronts. Although decorated panels are quite attractive, plain ones do not get outdated.

    The STANDARD runner technology has proven itself over many years with wooden drawers. We offers a comprehensive program for setting wooden drawers into motion.

    Bottom mounted single extension drawer runners. Durable epoxy coating in cream or white. Smooth running synthetic rollers on tempered steel axles. Captive right profiles, tolerance left profiles. ½" side clearance. Double warning lift out stop. Have Blumatic self-closing action. Angled drawer and cabinet profiles create a parallel drop 3/32”.

    The economical metal drawer system:
    With METABOX, Blum offers an economical steel drawer for different application options in the kitchen, bathroom and office.

    Features & benefits:

  • Application Possibilities
  • Contemporary Design
  • 3-dimensional front adjustment
  • Easy cam height adjustment
  • Simple insertion and removal
  • With BLUMATIC self closing feature

    Perfecting the motion of drawers:
    Beauty and strength in one design: The TANDEMBOX system satisfies the demand for design, function and motion. With the integrated BLUMOTION, drawers close silently and effortlessly.

  • Features & benefits:
  • Full extension drawer system with integrated BLUMOTION
  • BLUMOTION silent closing keeps drawer content from shifting
  • BLUMOTION automatically adapts to different weights and closing forces
  • Minimal opening force required to open the drawer
  • Tool free drawer assembly
  • TANDEM smooth running mechanism
  • 2-dimensional drawer front adjustment
  • Endless application possibilities

Your cabinets kitchen design will be outstanding.

  • Modern kitchen countertops: As you plan the type of kitchen countertops you would like to use, you should consider how you will use them and how they will enhance the general appearance of your modern kitchen. If you do not consider this, you may find that you end up with effective kitchen countertops that you are never the less not pleased with. Given the wide selection of materials used in making them, you should not find it difficult to find one that suits you.

    CaesarStone's quartz surfaces are ideal for virtually any interior surface from kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities and splashbacks, to wall panel#ling and interior furniture.

    CaesarStone offers the industry's widest range of colours and structures and meticulously meets the demands of even the most exacting residential and commercial clients. Although long used for the finest residential countertops, CaesarStone also offers an attractive and versatile finish for commercial and institutional buildings. Our quartz surfacing is tough enough for wear and tear on virtually any interior surface, and attractive enough for any design architectural and decorating scheme. Its a perfect fit for a contemporary kitchen.

    CaesarStone offers numerous advantages over natural stone. Stronger, more durable, cleaner, safer, and more consistent — it's the "Six-Million-Dollar-Man" of stone surfaces. In addition to its superior performance, CaesarStone has greater consistency than natural stone, which is veined and prone to flaws. This makes Caesarstone the best choice for quartz kitchen countertops.

    Corian® is the standard for style and can be customized to create unique and seamless. DuPont™ Corian® solid surfaces allow you to create a space as individual as you are. With over 130 colors to choose from let your inner designer loose with inlays, seamless backsplashes, and inline solid surface sinks. Backed by a residential limited warranty, Corian® solid surfaces are tough enough to stand up to everyday realities of a busy home.

  • Kitchen cabinet accessories: You should try to find the best Blum quality concealed hinges: Clip top, Compact & Modul, lift systems: Aventos and drawer runner systems: Tandem, Tandembox, Tandembox intivo,... Hinges and knobs should fit well and blend in with the rest of your modern kitchen. There are also different styles of drawer pull-out systems that you can choose from the new electrical opening support system. SERVO-DRIVE can be used in combination with TANDEM and TANDEMBOX pull-out systems. In addition, BLUMOTION supports this solution with silent and effortless closing action providing high quality of motion in the kitchen.
  • Faucets & Sinks: You should ensure that you place the sink at a location where it can be accessed easily. You should preferably install it next to a window to take advantage of natural light. Although the faucet should be designed in a way that blends in well with the rest of the kitchen, you should go for just what you really need. Here too, you will have numerous styles to choose from.

    Expression taps: Hygienic, environmentally friendly and easy to clean. The collection of taps relies not only on its inner values, but also captivates through its forms. Pure geometry and the carefully chosen materials – the result is an authentic and unique collection for today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow.

    In Conjunction with the sinks, the Expression taps include a little detail in the handle to proudly show the family they belong to, constituting themselves as the perfect partner for the Expression sinks.

    Family look details

    What would it be Expression without water running free through the steel? With the Expression series we are proud to present lines even more geometrical and minimal. A design that surpasses time and fashion, the sinks show the light to a new concept where adaptability will reign, constituting the alternative to open space creations we all were waiting for. Enjoy the ability to be surprised by the essential.

    Extra large measurements

    The challenge for the Teka Expression range was to develop under-mounted sinks with extra measurements. The BEX 40.40 is a clear proof of the industrial capability of the brand, which is able to step forward in a sublime exercise of innovation and technical capability.

    Family look

    Browsing through the entire Expression range is a story of products born from the same roots. The Expression sinks stick firmly to the general family look with little details like the little dots that imprint the drainers of the inset sinks with the same aesthetic values as the rest of the families.

  • Kitchen cabinets strength: You should determine how strong your kitchen cabinets are both on the inside and outside. The drawers should fit in well without slipping or getting stuck. You should then add weight to the drawers and close them to test the railing system. Blum TANDEM drawer slides combine smooth running action with many other features to make a drawer slide of unmatched in quality, style and running action for 30 kg Dynamic weight capacity. Take a look at our kitchen cabinet pictures.

Now that you are through with planning the technical details of your modern kitchen cabinet, you will be well set to make your modern kitchen design!

Vivant offers the perfect blend of selection, style, and affordability. Vivant offers custom kitchen cabinets, without the custom price or custom lead times. Vivant products are 100% custom-made, which means that each and every cabinet is built specifically for an individual consumer, complete with all the specifications. With Vivant, you choose your kitchen cabinet style, finishes, cabinet size and cabinet construction as well as all of the kitchen storage solutions and decorative enhancements that make your kitchen function in the way your family lives today.