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Kitchen Islands

Kitchen Islands

One unique feature about any kitchen islands is the fact that you can access it from virtually any side. The same is true with kitchen islands. Vivant designs custom kitchen islands that will not only give you more space but also add great beauty to your kitchen. There are different kitchen island plans that you can choose from, which will match your taste and kitchen well. We will give you your heart's desire whether you are just looking for a simple table or a more complex design.

Kitchen islands offer a very practical solution that makes them quite popular in modern kitchen designs. In addition to creating stylish kitchens, the kitchen islands maximize your storage area while leaving you with ample work space as well. The custom kitchen islands you will find at Vivant add personal touch to your kitchen by taking your needs into consideration.

Basically, kitchen islands are plain flat surface counters that blend in well with other kitchen appliances. The kitchen island design at Vivant make the kitchen islands to be great centers' of attraction instead of appearing as after-thoughts.

You should have very concrete kitchen island plan design right from the beginning if you do not want it to appear as an after-thought in the first place. Here are some important points that you should bear in mind.

  • Take note of the space you have: You should understand that not all kitchens can accommodate kitchen islands. If you want to determine whether you have enough space, make a drawing of your expected kitchen island on the floor and then try to see how easy it is for you to walk around in the remaining areas. If you feel squeezed in any way, you should at least consider changing the dimensions and shape of your expected kitchen island.
  • Take actual measurements: You should then take actual measurements between your desired kitchen island plans and other kitchen appliances. Ensure that the space measure between 36 and 42 inches.
  • Determine the need for the kitchen island: The way you expect to use the kitchen island will greatly influence the type of kitchen island plan that you should set up. This is what will determine whether you should go for a simple flat top or an elaborate kitchen island design, complete with a sink and even electrical circuits and outlets.
  • Consider its height: The way you expect to use your kitchen island will determine its correct height. In general, though, it should be as high as other kitchen countertops.

Weigh your choices: While you are interested in having a kitchen island, the space available in your kitchen may be limited. In such a case, you may consider a portable kitchen islands design.

Proper kitchen island designs and styles: What's right for you?

People are turning to the use of kitchen islands as a way of maximising the spaces in their kitchens in order to make them more task oriented. The kitchen islands can be put to a wide variety of uses, and they can enhance the overall appearance of the kitchens.

Many kitchen island plans place them in the middle of the room, and they are usually constructed by similar materials used in designing other kitchen countertops. There are many kitchen islands designs that you can choose from, which will also be influenced by the needs you have and the resources at your disposal. Many kitchen island plans include at least one sink. In addition to allowing you to do other things, you will need relatively less material in this way, since the sink(s) will take some space. However, such kitchen islands need very careful planning. Never the less, you will find it easier to work in your kitchen.

You will not run out of choices in the custom kitchen islands at Vivant. You will be able to choose your preferred material, which include wood and crystal glass. You may even choose one made of marble or stainless steel kitchen island. You should consider adding a source of light next to your kitchen island.

Whatever budget you have, Vivant has custom kitchen islands to suit you.