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New Kitchen Design Ideas

Important steps to Your New Kitchen

One of the most important areas in the design of a new kitchen concerns the storage space. Unfortunately, people tend to ignore it until it gets too late. While many kitchen design ideas from the majority of contractors lean towards beauty, Vivant takes this into consideration while ensuring that you get a new kitchen that is very practical as well. Our kitchen design layouts will help you to make maximum use of the space you have.

Here are guidelines on what you will generally need to do right from the time you receive an estimate up to the end of your project. You should understand that these are general steps, but we will consider your individual circumstance in order to give you a personal service.


  1. You will take a rough measurement of the room you would like us to remodel, be it the kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom, making a rough drawing showing various appliances, including doors and windows. Then bring your rough kitchen design layout to our showroom, where you will be able to see three complete new kitchen displays with different finishes.

    You will thus be able to get a first-hand experience of the quality of materials we use and the kind of workmanship involved. You will choose your preferred style, and then one of our experienced designers will use your rough drawing to come up with a unique new kitchen design layout and give you an estimate depending on the design. Vivant gives you the preliminary budget design and estimate free of charge so that you have the opportunity to know what you should expect without making any financial commitments.

  2. The process of new kitchen design and estimate normally takes about one week, after which you will need to visit our showroom again in order to meet with our designer. The designer will use 3D images to give you detailed explanation of your design, showing you all the various options that are open to you. The designer will give you an estimate that is divided into four different parts; Materials, Sales Tax, Delivery, and Installation.

  3. Once you have determined that the estimate is within your budget and are ready to undertake the project, you will make an appointment with the designer to come to your home. During the visit, you will have the chance to go through the kitchen design layout with our designer and make any necessary changes.

  4. The designer will use notes taken during the in-home consultation to make final changes to the new kitchen layout.

  5. You will make another appointment with the designer to take a look at the new kitchen layout and get the new cost estimate. We will work with you until you are happy with the final design.

  6. Once you are satisfied with the new kitchen ideas, we will prepare a contract. You will need to pay 50% of the agreed cost upon signing of the contract in order to mobilise the project.

  7. We will give you a scheduled time-line depending on your project. This time-line will include everything, from demolition to finish.

  8. During the scheduled time-line, our contractor will prepare the area for installation. Preparations include demolition, patching drywall, new kitchen flooring if necessary, and moving plumbing and electrical installations if required.

  9. We will then deliver the required cabinets, and you will be required to pay 40% of the cost. Installing an average new kitchen normally takes between two and three days

  10. Fabricating the required new kitchen countertops, which usually requires seven working days

  11. Paying the remaining 10% of the project cost.