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Important Kitchen Cabinet Tips


Here are some important kitchen cabinet tips that will help you to know what you will get from our custom made cabinets.

  • All the kitchen cabinet shelf connections have the capacity of 30kg for every kitchen cabinet pair.
  • All the kitchen cabinet drawers and baskets have the 30kg. The drawers have been tested for 160,000 movements while the baskets reach 200,000 movements.
  • We use rubber edges on all the stops used on the cabinet's horizontal panels. This protects against both dust and bumping that would cause some damage.
  • If you so desire, the sides of your kitchen cabinet can be made of stainless steel. All the cabinets have self-braking closing mechanism. The metal sides on the cabinets help to make them more stable.
  • You will be able to get more storage space from out custom built kitchen cabinets, where we use the drilling scheme. Three holes , which are drilled 96mm apart, help in positioning the shelves. Another shelf in the kitchen cabinet will afford a new compartment that is 192 mm high. This helps in creating as much as 25% more internal space.
  • All the work surfaces have been covered with water resistant material
  • Vivant guarantees the use of Class “A”, water resistant materials whose minimum thickness is 18mm. The only exceptions are the drawer bottoms and backs of the kitchen cabinets.
  • Fitting the custom kitchen cabinets is very fast, thanks to the use of special hinges


Our custom kitchen cabinets used Blum advanced mechanical assembly that results in very high standards. Assembling all the kitchen cabinets is easy and quite fast, where you do not need to use any power tools at all. In addition, there are no exposed screws.

When you are looking for a quality kitchen cabinet, the first important step is its custom design. You will then need to consider every little aspect of the custom built kitchen cabinet you want.