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Modern Kitchen Design

Think of Your Needs and Uses

If you would like to design a very effective and attractive modern kitchen, there are a number of kitchen design ideas that will help you realize your dream. As you think of your contemporary kitchen design, you should remember that the kitchen plays a very central role in your home. You need to make very good plans. Designing your kitchen involves more than just installing your custom kitchen cabinet and plumbing. You need a very careful plan if you want to design your own kitchen.

The following are some important questions that will help you with your contemporary kitchen design.

  • What needs do you have for the kitchen? You need to consider how you expect to use your kitchen to help you come up with the relevant kitchen appliances. People have very different needs when it comes to the use of their kitchens. If you have basic needs and won't need to spend a lot of time in your kitchen, then you should make relevant plans.

  • What's the space you have? As much as you may wish for a big kitchen that is fit for a banquet, the space you have may not allow for this. Consider the space you have and make proper small kitchen designs. Instead of limiting you, this can just give you an opportunity to make attractive kitchen interior designs.

  • How many people will usually use the kitchen simultaneously? This will help you to determine the size of counter space you will need in the kitchen.

  • What other things do you expect to do in the kitchen? Many modern kitchen designs take into consideration the fact that people use their kitchens in different ways. If you want to find or deliver some information online, you will need a computer with an Internet connection. This means that you will need to think of other pieces of furniture apart from the table kitchen. The floor plan will also need to be designed accordingly. You will also need some kind of divider to separate different sections of the kitchen.

  • How frequently do you entertain guests? Your modern kitchen design should allow to be part of the party if you often entertain guests, either formerly or informally.

  • Which types of utilities do you plan to install? For instance, if you would like to have a deep freezer, wine chiller, or dishwasher, you should remember that your design kitchen will have fewer countertops. Your contemporary kitchen design should also factor in such things as kitchen islands

  • Will you need room for any pets you have?

  • What are kitchen cabinet requirements? As you make your kitchen cabinets design, you should bear in minds the capabilities or limitations of the people who will use them. For example, your kitchen cabinet doors and cabinet drawers should not be difficult for the elderly and people with disabilities to access.

  • How does your kitchen fit in with the rest of the house? Your modern kitchen design should consider your needs when it comes to access to the rest of the house. Would you like a closed off kitchen or one that can be accessed easily?

While this is not a comprehensive list of kitchen design ideas, they will give you a good head-start so that your dream kitchen can turn into a reality.

Another thing that you need to bear in mind concerns the features you are interested in.

  • If you intend to have a kitchen island, you should consider whether you have enough space for it.

  • Which type of material would you like your kitchen sink to be made of?

  • What do you prefer to cook with - electricity or gas? How do you use the microwave - for heating or main cooking? What type of cooktop do you like?

  • Will you require an appliance garage where you will store the small appliances you usually use? 

When you design your own kitchen, the level of work required will determine the amount of money you will need to spend in the project. However, this does not mean that your kitchen interior design needs to be expensive. Although an expert kitchen designer will give more accurate details, these general guidelines will give a fairly good idea of what you should expect.

  • Do you want to move a load that carries some weight? Doing this is an involving process that requires a professional.

  • Are there any room either directly below or above the custom kitchen cabinets? As you install your modern kitchen cabinets, you should bear in mind the complexity of rerouting electrical wires, heating ducts, and plumbing pipes.

  • According to your kitchen design, will you need to move kitchen doors or windows? This will be complicated since the concerned walls are load-bearing.

An important and enjoyable part of your modern kitchen design is selecting the appropriate style. You have most likely seen some types of kitchen cabinets that you like in different places. You should consider whether the modern kitchen cabinets will suit your home.

Your kitchen design should as well bear in mind the colours you are interested in. In case you will need to change your colours, you should determine whether this will require the purchase of new implements. You should choose colours that blend in well with the whole house.

Think of any necessary remodelling and, of course, you finances. You may find that you will save if you carry out the necessary remodelling during your contemporary kitchen design.

In many modern kitchen designs, four work centres are planned for.

  • Clean-up centre, which is around the sink, should have sufficient space for stacking dishes and other utensils. The space on one side should be between 18” and 30” while that on the other side should be between 48” and 54”. Taking measurements from the counter's front, you should leave a minimum of 12” from the sink to the closest corner.

  • Cooking centre surrounding the range requires at least 12” on one side and around 15” to 24” on the other. Here too, the closest corner should not be less than 12”. If microwave door is hinged on the left, there should be between 15” and 18” of counter space on the right.

  • The storage area surrounding the refrigerator requires between 15” and 18” on the handle side for setting food.

  • The preparation area requires between 42” and 84” of counter space, and it should allow for easy access to different utilities.

Depending on the available space, some kitchen designers may install a serving centre, which requires an additional counter space covering between 36" and 84".

If you want to have ample space for your work, your contemporary kitchen design should factor in these clearances.

  • The space between the closest table or island and the counter top's front end will requires clearance of not less than 42".
  • The closest thing to the dishwasher should be at least 20" away, with the dishwasher's door open.
  • The distance between the work area and the traffic path should not be less than 26".
  • When there is an eating table, the closest object shoud be at least 36" away.

Modern kitchen designs use what is known as the work triangle, which refers to imaginary lines joining the sink, range, and refrigerator. In your kitchen design ideas, the total length of the sides of the triangle should cover from 23 to 26 feet.

In contemporary kitchen designs, there are four major layouts; namely, L-shaped, U-shaped, corridor, and galley. You can design almost any layout based on these.

Modern kitchen cabinets are also grouped in different categories. However, all of our designs will take your preferences into consideration.

How you intend to use your kitchen will determine the things you need to install, which in turn will influence your kitchen design so that you make the best use of the available space.

You can get ideas from different people and places, including friend's homes, magazines, and television. You should also consider getting in touch with us so that you receive new ideas from our professional designers.