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Blum Motion Solutions


Blum Motion Solutions; Giving you a Smoother Kitchen Experience

The BLUM brand has made a name for itself as the Rolls-Royce of motion fitting systems for kitchen furniture. The company’s revolutionary approach to hinge, pull-out and lift systems has produced some simply outstanding results and you’ll find that most high-end kitchens all over the world are fitted with BLUM movement products.

Every Blum product creates effortless motion. Choose SERVO-DRIVE and TIP-ON for smooth opening; rely on BLUMOTION for silent and effortless closing.



One of the most outstanding things about BLUM technology is the BLUMOTION system, seen at work in the BLUM clip-top hinges. BLUMOTION allows cupboard and cabinet doors to close silently and with the absolute minimum of effort, whilst also giving a much wider range of motion than normal in a standard hinge. This makes doors to be opened much wider, allowing easier access.





The SERVO-DRIVE system is described as an “electrical opening support system” and is particularly impressive. This system enables drawers to be opened by lightly touching the drawer front, so if you don’t have a free hand, no problem! The drawer slides out and back smoothly and silently even when fully loaded and there is absolutely no effort required by the user.






Blum_TIP-ON for TANDEM_mtip0018b_1

Gently press and it opens. TIP-ON, the mechanical opening system for handle-less pull-outs, drawers, doors and lift systems; offers functional, easy opening.






The products

The BLUM specialism is aptly summed up by the company motto - Perfecting Motion. The products are aimed at making the opening and closing of furniture the best it can be, and have they ever succeeded! Compared to many of the other equivalent products on the market, it’s like the difference between closing the door on a rusty Ford van, and closing the door on a Porche 911; there simply is no comparison.


Blum_AVENTOS HF_kla0015e_1.jpgThe AVENTOS lift system is used in overhead wall cabinets. The beauty of the BLUM AVENTOS system is that the cabinet doors can be opened with a light touch and will remain in any position desired; there’s no need to hold the door with one hand whilst trying to juggle your shopping with the other. AVENTOS lift systems from Blum combine perfecting motion, modern design and simple installation, assembly and adjustment.






AVENTOS HF: Bi-fold lift system - Two-part front folds up

Blum_AVENTOS HS_kla0114_1.jpg

AVENTOS HS: Up and over lift system - Single front swings up over the cabinet

Blum_AVENTOS HL_kla0177_1

AVENTOS HL: Parallel lift frontals - Single front lifts up parallel

Blum_AVENTOS HK_kla0126f_1

AVENTOS HK: Stay lifts - Single front swings up

Blum_AVENTOS HK-S_kla0266d_1

AVENTOS HK-S: Small stay lifts - Single front swings up TANDEMBOX

All of Blum’s pull-out systems close softly and silently with integrated BLUMOTION and all of them have a feather-light glide. Full extensions give users a full view of and direct access to interiors. Thanks to the wide range of products, a multitude of applications are possible. In addition, the pull-out systems excel in terms of simple assembly and user-friendly technology. The user convenience of Blum’s pull-outs can be further enhanced with SERVO-DRIVE. The electric opening system can be used for all three models. A gentle touch suffices and pull-outs seem to open by themselves.

Blum_TANDEMBOX plus_box0853_1

TANDEMBOX plus: the tried and tested model TANDEMBOX plus is a versatile system which has proven its worth for many years. The product line is characterised by round gallery rails. The containers can be complemented with different sides – called “BOXSIDES” – or with a double gallery rail. TANDEMBOX plus, ranging from simple drawers to extra-wide pull-outs, has always been a source of inspiration due to its great diversity and versatility of applications. All of these qualities and advantages have also been incorporated in the new TANDEMBOX intivo and TANDEMBOX antaro product lines.

Blum_TANDEMBOX intivo_box0867_1

TANDEMBOX intivo: for personalising pull-outs

TANDEMBOX intivo gives customers even more possibilities to personalise high fronted pull-outs, for it produces new and diverse opportunities for differentiation with various colours and materials. The new TANDEMBOX intivo has a harmonious appearance, consisting of a drawer side without a gallery rail. The drawer side can be complemented with a “BOXCAP”, an attachment of the same drawer side material, or with inserts of any kind of material such as glass, wood, stone, nylon or leather. The components produce a closed container in which items can be optimally stored. When conceiving TANDEMBOX intivo, developers took great care to achieve a balance between drawer side and insert. The transition is smooth. There is no gap between drawer side and insert. The same concept can also be used for inner drawers. All TANDEMBOX intivo components – except for the new L-drawer side - can be assembled without tools. The new high fronted pull-out drawer side has 3-dimensional front adjustment – directly under the cover cap. TANDEMBOX intivo is not only an additional means of upgrading the appearance of kitchens but also produces “very personal” solutions – to the great joy of kitchen users.

Blum_TANDEMBOX antaro

TANDEMBOX antaro: the latest addition

This new pull-out system is characterised by rectangular gallery rails. By using these angular elements and by harmonising the colour of all fittings components, we have created a system that is a clear alternative to the model with round gallery rails. TANDEMBOX antaro is based on tried and tested system components. It has the same cabinet profiles and back as the other models. And the colour and material concept of “antaro” is also based on that of “intivo”. This means that manufacturers have a manageable product range that offers many new and different opportunities for design.



TANDEM is the perfect way to present the fine details of wooden drawers in your cabinets. Even heavy drawers equipped with TANDEM impress users with their unrivalled running action. Very wide wooden drawers and pull-outs can now be opened reliably using TIP-ON – thanks to synchronisation. It can be used for single and full extensions.







CLIP-top hinges

Hinges connect the cabinet door to the cabinet. Doors can be opened to different angles and distances depending on the hinge type.

Blum_CLIP top BLUMOTION_clp0223_1

In combination with BLUMOTION, our hinges even close doors silently and effortlessly.







CLIP top: The hinge system with the CLIP mechanism

Blum_CLIP top_clp0165_1

MODUL: The proven hinge system


Blum_ Corner_teaser_box0653

SPACE CORNER is a system specially designed by BLUM to maximize the space often lost in the corner area of the kitchen. The clever design means that every inch of storage space is utilized and because the design of the drawer allows full extension, items stored at the back become easily retrievable. SPACE CORNER also features the BLUMOTION movement system.





ORGA-LINE is a specially designed dividing system for use in BLUM drawers and pull-outs. ORGA-LINE allows user-friendly, organised storage as well as easy access to all items, even in those normally hard-to-reach areas. Orga-line products are easily adjustable to suit your own requirements and can even be put into the dishwasher for cleaning.






ORGA-LINE Accessories

Blum_ORGA-LINE Accessories

Cutlery inserts

These adjustable stainless steel inserts keep your cutlery organised and within easy reach every time. When setting the dinner table or entertaining outside, simply remove the required tray and take it to the table. The stainless steel cutlery inserts are dishwasher safe, made for trouble free cleaning - "No more clutter Plate holder. The ORGA-LINE plate holder is the ergonomic solution for storing up to 12 dishes in lower cabinets. A handy and convenient alternative that can be adjusted to store dishes measuring between 18 and 32 mm. Spice holder is a great solution for storing all spices in one practical location. It is made from stainless steel and high-quality plastics which make the unit dishwashable. Knife holder Store all your knives safely with ORGA-LINE knife holder which can hold up to four large knives and five small knives. This knife holder is usually attached to ORGA-LINE dividing system but can also be attached to the drawer using a base fixing bracket.



ORGA-LINE inner dividing systems are supplied in sets to suit almost every drawer size. They make optimal use of the storage space and adjust perfectly to the different storage items. Lateral and cross divider sections are used for tall storage items in high fronted pull-outs. Containers and utensil dividers are used for smaller items.




ORGA-LINE for TANDEMBOX intivo/antaro

Blum_TANDEMBOX plus_box0853_1

ORGA-LINE interior dividing systems make optimal use of the storage space and adjust perfectly to the different storage items. Lateral and cross divider sections are used for tall storage items in high fronted pull-outs. Containers and utensil dividers are used for smaller items. ORGA-LINE for high fronted pull-outs were customised to match TANDEMBOX intivo in design and colour. This provides a harmonious appearance. The existing ORGA-LINE solutions can be used for standard drawers.

If you’re in the market for new kitchen storage units, save yourself some time and head straight for those with BLUM technology.



Dynamic Space®


Vivant applies the concept of Dynamic Space® into their kitchen designs. For more information, visit:

Why choose Blum fittings and systems? Buying any fitted furniture – particularly kitchens – is initially based on the external look of the product. But once installed and in use it the way in which it works and functions that becomes of paramount importance. This is why it is essential to choose a kitchen equipped with Blum fittings and systems.

Firstly, storage. Research shows that up to 66% of new kitchen buyers are dissatisfied with the amount of storage available in their kitchens after installation. Blum have spent years of research and development creating products to provide optimum storage solutions. How have they done this? By ensuring that all of the internal volume of the cabinets is intelligently used with full and immediate access to even the most difficult recesses of the internal space.

So fixed shelves in base units have been eliminated and drawers and internal pull-outs mounted on perfect motion, full-extension runner and drawer boxes like the Blum TANDEMBOX. The interiors need to be properly organised by using flexible organisational systems like ORGA-LINE and galleries plus dividers. Special units like the Blum SPACE CORNER and the innovative Under-sink and plinth drawers use normally difficult or wasted space. What Blum do is use the full depth and height of the cabinet.

Secondly, function and in particular motion. Blum have developed amazing products under the banner of “Perfecting Motion”. This means that all components used to assist in the opening and closing of drawers, have integral BLUMOTION soft close, including the superb AVENTOS lift system for overhead wall cabinets. Now Blum have introduced SERVO-DRIVE electro-mechanical opening in response to slight pressure (and closing in the case of the AVENTOS overhead lift doors).

All of the products and systems combine seamlessly to create a superbly functioning kitchen, as Blum says: “We don’t make kitchens, we make kitchens work”.