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The Revolutionary Power Outlet System

The Eubiq system is a revolutionary power outlet system which boasts of features which conventional power outlet and cable management solutions lack.

VERSATILE and Flexible

Power outlets can be anywhere along the track. You can add, remove, and re-position any one of this uniquely designed power outlets adapters anywhere along the track.


You can accommodate more power outlets in lesser space. As many as 12 adapters or 16 Eubiq plugs can tap on 1metre of Eubiq Power Track.


Patented GSSTM (Ground Sentry Shutter) system- one of the safest power outlet system in the world. Sentry shutters ground every conductor that comes into contact with Eubiq power track. Passed stringent 1mm probe test. Fire retardant polycarbonates.


Made from tough, durable aluminium and stainless steel. The probe of adaptors and plugs were plated gold to ensure excellent conductivity. Tested intensively and fulfilled IEC, which is to be able to surpass 15, 000 cycles.


Eubiq system is maintenance-free. Once installed, adding a new power socket is just a twist away. No more drilling needed and no more costly electrician bills.


Eubiq system is also capable in cable management. Phone line, Cable TV and LAN Cable can run along in the dedicated cable compartments. Data cable compartments are all shielded from Electromagnetic interference.


Eubiq's vision is to become the new global standard. It is compatible with all major power outlet system in the world. Acceptance into worldwide market is immediate.


We specialise in customised tracks. We are able to produce tracks of any length up to 3.6m for Natural Aluminium Anodise and 2.4m for other special finishes. Our tracks come in various finishes like Black Anodise, Stainless Steel Anodise or even with LED Ambient Lighting. We also have a wide range of data sockets available to choose from.


Compliance and Safety Standard

Eubiq products are designed to meet all essential international safety standards. We comply to IEC standard, Singapore Standard (SS), India Standard (IS), British Standard (BS), Malaysia Standard (MS), SASO Standard etc, and have been approved for use in various countries like Singapore, Australia, Germany, Kuwait, India, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Korea, Malaysia, Japan, United States and The Netherlands.

Eubiq is proud to have our products tested by many of the world's most reputable test laboratories. These test laboratories include; TÜV SÜD PSB Corporation, ASTA BEAB, Testing & Certification Australia (TCA), GOST.R Russia, Intertek ETL-Semko, Korean Testing Laboratory (KTL), JET Laboratory, Underwriters Laboratory (UL), KEMA Quality B.V. etc.

Each test laboratory may be tested/certified only on selected range of products according to specific requirements.