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Hood – DHX 110 T ISLA

Range Hoods

Eliminate smoke and cooking odors

If you're tired of all of the smoke, airborne grease, odors, heat and steam that cooking produces, then what you need is a kitchen range hood. With a range hood, you will find yourself enjoying cooking once again; no more worrying about the pestering odors and byproducts of cooking. Kitchen range hoods help to filter and evacuate the air, ensuring that your cooking is a more pleasant experience for yourself and the whole family.

Island Range Hoods

Island range hoods are very useful when the cooking area is built into a kitchen island. This is an effective range hoods, allowing for maximum filtration and evacuation of air, and ensuring that your cooking experience is enjoyable. Island range hoods are very popular, though they can be expensive.

Focusing on the essentials is a mantra that has overcome time and temporary fashion. Looking back on time, only purity and power remains.

With those two factors and the air as the axle the Expression hoods bring together the unexpected; the minimalism of their flat horizontal lines and the strenght of their power, contributing to convert the kitchen in a space of tranquility and purity.

Decorative metal filters

Details constitute a threshold to differentiate the average from those who pursue the excellence. When a hood is installed the bottom part is one of the most exposed to our sight. That is why the decorative metal filters are a crucial point in the hood aesthetic that sometimes is not taken into consideration as much as it deserves. The Expression touch DHX hoods incorporate them, so that you can enjoy them to the last details.

Automatic start via moisture sensor Thanks to the automatic start via moisture sensor, the hood is autonomous and there is no need to adjust it manually. The hood starts up automatically when it detects steam in the kitchen, regulating the speed, depending on the humidity level (from the first speed to the third one). The moment it no longer detects humidity, it turns itself off automatically.

So whether you are looking for kitchen range hoods for your existing kitchen, or a brand new kitchen, you'll be sure to find what you're looking for. Range hoods can provide you with a cleaner and more enjoyable cooking experience.